Next Booking!
We are now accepting inquiries for December Umrah. Umrah season will start once again around December 15th 2015. Please choose a package, and fill out an inquiry form on our website.
Umrah season starting soon!
We would just like to remind you that Umrah season is about to start. We are accepting documents for those who are traveling after December 15th. -Contact us for more information
Manual passports are not being accepted anymore
Saudi embassy is not accepting hand written passports anymore. They are only accepting Electronic/ Digital passports. Call us for more details.
Chance to win a $50 Gift Certificate (HAJJ Only)
TO WIN you have to refer Chicago Hajj and Umrah to any family or friend for HAJJ 2015 booking. The person or family MUST CONFIRM the package with us and mention YOUR NAME for reference. As soon as they book their package, we will send you $50 PER PERSON! TO RECEIVE THE GIFT CERTIFICATE: Email us your name and mailing address. As soon as your referrals confirm and send us their deposit check, we will mail your check to you. Disclaimer: Winning is based on the likelihood of them booking with us and if they mention your name before sending in their deposit.
News for OCI card holders
Please click the title for more details.
Umrah Visa Validity
Saudi government is issuing new Umrah visas. You can travel within a month from the date it is stamped, and stay validity for 30 Days. If you stay for more than 30 days, you will be banned for 5 years.
Our Service
Chicago Hajj and Umrah is one of the best companies for Hajj/Umrah in USA/Canada. We are a team of workers to make this religious journey as easy as possible for you. -We have our own transportation and office in Makkah to assist or help you throughout your entire journey. -We have our own personal staff who can assist you 24/7. -We have our own food catering service. Many travel agencies can offer you lower than our quotation but we are 100% sure they will not provide you services which we are offering you.
Airfare Special
Book your spring Umrah now! Round trip tickets as low as $800+. Contact us for more details.
You can perform Umrah with your family members from India. If you, yourself are in the U.S, we can arrange for you to meet with your beloved family in Makkah, Madinah, or Jeddah. For more information, pleas call or email us.
Umrah/Hajj Packages 2015
Alhamdulillah, we have completely updated Umrah/Hajj packages section for 2015. Please click on the package links to start exploring the features of our diverse Umrah and Hajj packages and choose what suits you best.
Overseas US Citizens & Greencard Holders!
We are delighted to announce that Chicago Hajj & Umrah serves US citizens and Green Card holders from all over the world. Join us this season for an experience that you will remember forever.
Hajj 2015 Leader
Mufti Haroon Firdausi will lead Hajj 2015. People under his guidance have truly loved performing Hajj for his company is a blessing for us. Please do not miss this opportunity of performing Hajj with a renowned scholar.