Umrah From India (Your Choice)
January 1st- June 26th 2015
Rabi 1 - 28th Shabaan
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Package Includes
Umrah Visa Service.
Our services while staying with you in Makkah, as per your package date.
Our services while staying with you in Madinah, as per your package date.
Complete Transportation.
Package Does Not Includes
Airfare, But it is available as an additional charges.
Why do we not include Ziyarat (The visiting of Historical places) in our packages? If you were to miss the day in which we assigned the Ziyarat, you will be unable to get a refund or reschedule. Therefore we highly suggest that after you confirm the package, we will assign a number to you, through which you can set up Ziyarat based on your own preference. They will charge $75 per visit and per car.
Value Added Services
FREE QURAN KIT PER FAMILY (Valued $75): It includes, 1 Quran Pouch, 1 Holy Quran, 1 Tawaaf Tasbee (7 Beads), 1 Tasbee (100 Beads), 1 Prayer Rug and 1 Ticket Pouch.
Child / Infant discounts available. Call us for details.
Umrah guidance available on request. ($100)
Wheel chair service also available on request ($100 per person)
Included Accomodtion
How to reserve
Please Contact Us.