About Us

You may have heard about us as one of many Hajj Groups but what you may have not heard is that we are oldest among them. That is why our customers call us the "RIGHT people for the RIGHT HAJJ". We know what Hajj has to be and we know what it takes to make it right.

Our Mission

Our mission is to see our customers perform proper Hajj or Umrah with proper service assuring comfort and ease during the entire process. We want to make our customers feel they are with "provider who care" and not with strangers.

Our Service

Every Service provider can claim to be best. What counts is customers' opinion. In our case we do not boast to be the "best" but can not ignore the voice of so many customers who testify we are "BEST" (See Testimonial). We look at customer not as a "Business Opportunity" but rather "an Opportunity to serve" for a noble cause.

Our Commitment

We can say this in just two words - "Your Satisfaction".

Who We Are?

We are not new comers in this business. Our name can be traced as far as 15 years back. We have provided for all this long time a dependable quality service to people performing Umrah or Hajj. Also we are among the few select ones who are licensed by Ministry of Hajj & Umrah through Royal consulate of Saudi Arabia in New York, U.S.A.

A Tour Guide

Will meet at your destination upon arrival and will be available 24 hours a day to help you.


In Saudi Arabia, we will have customer service agents who speak Arabic, English, Urdu, Hindi and Gujrati.Compare these features and you will agree that we are not ordinary Hajj and Umrah Tour Guides and operators. Others may compete with us in price but not in service. Think about our experience at your service. So, choose wisely, be with Leaders in this business. Choose Chicago Hajj & Umrah Group.

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