Hajj From USA

What is Hajj?
The Hajj is a pilgrimage to Makkah that every Muslim is obliged to perform, unless their finances or physical disability don’t allow it. It’s a very significant occasion for the entire Muslim Ummah as it has many events connected to it, specially the Prophet Muhammad’s (S.A.W) farewell sermon. Moreover, it has been a vital source of discovering one’s meaning of life since decades.

Why should you go for Hajj?
Whenever we hear about the word hajj, we have an urge to think about what this unique experience would really be like? How would the entire journey shape our lives?  Well the truth is the experience varies from people to people. However, one thing is for sure, the journey of hajj is unlike any other trip you would experience in your life time.

Why Perform Hajj 2019 with Us?
Many people find it really demoralizing that planning out a hajj trip could get so difficult. Completing the necessary arrangements for traveling and staying can be tough. This is where Chicago Hajj & Umrah can help you in your journey.

Chicago Hajj & Umrah is an authorized & approved agency of the Saudi royal embassy. Every year Chicago Hajj & Umrah helps hundreds of pilgrims perform hajj  from all cities of USA including Chicago, Florida, Houston, New York, San Francisco, New Jersey, Los Angeles, Dallas, California, Washington D.C and other cities.  Chicago Hajj & Umrah provides its clients with a variety of packages that includes 5 star hotels in Makkah & Madinah, Air Conditioned Tents of ,Arafat and Muzdalifa including complimentary breakfast, lunch & dinner. Furthermore, we also offer ground transportation in our private Air Conditioned Buses. In addition, all our clients get 24 Hour staff assistance during their stay.
To sum it all up, Chicago Hajj & Umrah takes care of all the Hajj requirements of a pilgrim may have. We also take care of special requests made by our clients. Hence, performing hajj from USA with Chicago Hajj & Umrah promises to be a refreshing & hassle free experience.

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