1 . Mufti Haroon Firdausi
2 . Accomodations & Transportation
3 . Luggage and Passport Handling
4 . How to Visa?
5 . Hajj Related Questions?
6 . What & How? (Procedures)
Mufti Haroon Firdausi
1. Who is the Imam/Shaykh/Scholar accompanying the group? What is his bio?
A native of Chicago, Mufti Haroon is one of the first American-born scholars to travel abroad to study Islam. After completing his bachelor’s in electrical engineering from the University of Illinois Urbana, Champaign, Mufti Haroon traveled to Pakistan in order to pursue higher education in the Islamic sciences. He studied Arabic and Qur’anic philosophy at the Quran College in Lahore. Subsequently, after devoting months to the blessed work of Da’wah and Tabligh, his desire for further Islamic knowledge led him to the Madrassa Arabiyya, Masjid Zakaria in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Completing his formal studies of Arabic, Fiqh, Adab, Balaghat, Tafseer, and Hadith at the Madrassa Arabiyya, Raiwind, Maulana Haroon later traveled to Multan to study at one of the top Iftaa programs in the country. He completed his Iftaa training at Khairul Madaris, Multan, the following year with the blessings of his renowned teacher, Mufti Abdus Sattar al-Multani (may Allah lengthen his life). Mufti Haroon Firdausi is well versed in English, Arabic, Urdu, Farsi, Punjabi and Spanish, along with having many academic awards and achievements to his name, including long standing participation in national Islamic organizations. Mufti Haroon is currently a teacher at Darul Uloom Chicago and also serves as a licensed Funeral Director at Muslim Funeral Services in Chicago. Mufti Haroon Firdausi has led the Hajj groups at Chicago Hajj & Umrah for more than 6 years. With his extensive knowledge in the rites/rituals of Hajj, he has been a supportive leader for our Hajjis throughout the journey. If you have any questions, you may contact him before or during Hajj.
2. How can I contact him?
Contact Info: Mufti Haroon Firdausi Phone: 815-549-9400 , 773 680 4700 Fax: 773-635-0080 Email: hfirdausi@gmail.com
3. Will there be any training classed at Chicago for the rituals to be performed during Hajj?
Not in Chicago, but before/during Hajj, Mufti Harron will be conducting classes after Fajr and Ishaa salaat. (in English with a slideshow) Please come with questions and Insha'Allah he will answer them for you. Please print out any previous questions or confusing slides from the Hajj presentation also carry a pen and paper.
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Accomodations & Transportation
1. Who provides the transportation the hotel?
CHU provides all the transportation.
2. How many people can stay in a room?
There is a Maximum of four people per room at hotel in Makkah & Madina.
3. What kind of food is served?
Continental Foods!
4. Do we charge kids for the hotel room?
Call CHU for details.
5. How much is one room per night?
It depends call CHU for details.
6. Do the Hajj packages include transportation from Muzdalifah to Mina, from Mina to Makkah (for Tawaaf Ifaadah), from Mina to Makkah (for Tawaaf Widaah)?
Yes, if you are with the group. If you are not with the group, then you will have to arrange for your own transportation. Chicago Hajj and Umrah will not be able to reimburse you.
7. What does Quad occupancy mean?
"Per person Quad Occupany" means that the price is based on four people sharing a room.
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Luggage and Passport Handling
1. 1. What is the significance of my ID card and luggage tags?
You will need to have your ID card on at all times starting from your departure from USA until your departure back from Saudi Arabia. It is very important that you do so, so any CHU representative can recognize you and can assist you in any needs that you may require. The luggage tags are very valuable so the luggage can be identified throughout the trip.
2. How many luggage bags are we allowed to take with us?
May vary based on travel route. Once you book with us, we will send you complete details.
3. Can my kids have the same amount of luggage as I can?
Yes, your child who is two years or older can carry the same amount of luggage as you can.
4. Who will have my passport?
Your passports will be in the possession of the Muttawaf.
5. Does CHU hold full responsibility for the passports?
Your passports will be in the possession of the Muttawaf who is responsible of American Hujaz.
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How to Visa?
1. When is the visa going to open?
Every year visa will be open from 20th Shawal and close 25th of Zilquadh.
2. Can I get a visa without a package?
NO! CHU can not get you a visa without at least a land package.
3. What happens after I receive the invoice and my confirmation?
You will be required to fill out the visa application and provide us with the required documents needed for the visa. Then you will mail all the documents to us so we can process your visa and all other required procedures. You will also need to review your confirmation and make sure that your reservation is accurate. If you need changes to your reservation you must do it at this stage of time, as your reservation will not be changeable after a certain period of time.
4. What is the next step after I send my remaining balance and proper documents?
CHU will then start on your visa processing, while confirming your land package, as well as you flight itinerary. Once everything is complete you will receive a package with you day-by-day itinerary, passport with visa, airline tickets, and finalized invoice, confirmation, and your identification card and laminated luggage tags to place on you luggage.
5. When am I supposed to receive my documents?
Once all your documents and full payment is received you should expect your documents to be returned within 15 to 22 days.
6. After I receive my complete package with all finalized documents, what is next?
You must review all documents and confirmations to make sure there is no mistake in the arrangement made for you. If there are any mistakes please make sure to contact CHU as soon as possible so we may be able to correct it. Please note that this does not mean you can make changes in your reservation.
7. As a Hajj/Umrah Group, what is your classification a)Saudi Authorized Agent b)sub-agent/reseller? If you are a sub-agent/reseller, whom do you get your Hajj Visas from?
Chicago Hajj and Umrah Group is authorized by the Ministry of Hajj & NY Saudi Consulate. We are not resellers.
8. When is the best time to apply for my Umrah visa? 
Umrah Visa processing takes 2 weeks so the best time to apply for the Visa would be 2 weeks prior to your travel date.
9. Do I have to send you my passport to get the Umrah visa? Is it safe to send a passport?
Yes, we require you to send us your passports. It is definitely safe to send passports, we usually recommend FedEx service afternoon delivery as it is very reliable and offers a tracking number. Keep in mind when you send us your passport, please be sure to include a return label or you can choose to provide us your mailing address+credit card info.(For FedEx)
10. Can single women obtain an Umrah visa?
Single ladies under the age of 45 cannot obtain an Umrah visa/ or travel for Umrah without a mehram (Which is your husband/father/brother/or son over the age of 18). You can get the Umrah visa if you are over 45, but need at least 3 other women traveling with you (that are also over the age of 45) Saudi consulate will automatically put you in a womens group, not single group. (That will be written on your visa.) We cannot merge you with another group. This is Saudi governments rule.
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Hajj Related Questions?
1. What is the first thing that I should do to make a reservation for Hajj?
1.) Choose a package that best fits your travel needs 2.) Click the package, read through what we offer and we do not offer 3.) Fill out a reservation Form 4.) We will then get back to you with a detailed Hajj Quote
2. Can some one go to another country after Hajj?
Yes! Call CHU for details.
3. Do you have ethnic groups organized for Hajj?
Call CHU for details.
4. If I do not have any errors in my package what should I do next?
By not informing us of any errors, we assume that your package is complete and accurate. Your next step is to prepare for your travel and make sure you are in the airport for the day of your flight at least 3-4 hours prior to your flight departure.
5. After we arrive in Saudi Arabia, will a CHU representative meet me?
Yes you will be met by a CHU representative, but after the customs process. Please keep in mind that you cannot be assisted during the customs process, but will be assisted after you receive your luggage and exit the customs area. One of our CHU representatives will inform you of your next destination and provide assistance.
6. Who will be leading hajj?
Mufti Haroon Firdausi
7. What is your refund policy?
See Terms and Conditions.
8. Are the dates listed in the package firm? If not, what is the possible variance?
The dates are firm, but there is room for flexibility if the passenger wishes to travel on a different day.
9. Can you provide me everything we talked about in writting?
Yes, our preferred way of communication is via email.
10. Can the mother access the kitchen to heat up the milk or prepare any baby food during manasik?
There will be no kitchen, but a microwave will be provided. Also keep in mind microwave service will only be available in Mina as there is no electricity in Arafat and Muzdalifah. (16 hours no microwave)
11. Do you have your own private transportation from Madina-Makkah-Mina-Arafath-Muzdalifa? How many buses or cars?
Yes, we have our own private transportation. From Madinah to Makkah 4 buses (50 passengers), From Makkah to Mina/Arafat/Muzdalifa 2 buses.(50 passengers) From Makkah to Haram 4 buses, (30 passengers) 15 passenger 2 vans, 7 passengers 2 vans, 4 passengers 2 cars.
12. How do you manage the luggage during Manasik period?
Your extra luggage will stay in Al Rouda Hotel which has a fully secure.
13. Will there be the availability of milk, juices and baby food throughout the stay, especially during Manasik?
We can only arrange for milk and juice, you will need to provide your own baby food especially during Manasik.
14. Why does Chicago Hajj and Umrah NOT allow single women to go for Hajj?
In our group, every woman must have her own Mehram who is responsible for her and can look out for her. If anything were to happen there would be someone to aid her and communicate with family members/group leaders. Since we travel constantly, from one place to another, there will not be anyone to keep an eye on a single lady who could either be stuck somewhere or lost. It will also be a hassle to communicate with the single lady if there is there is a problem with the network for her cellphone. Another reason why we do not allow single women to join our group is because if there were to be an accident, there will not be anyone to take care of her as the Group leader will not and her family will also be unable to rush to the scene. We strongly discourage single women to go for Hajj. Although if you have no choice and you are a single women who really needs to go to Hajj, the only solution would be to go to Hajj with a family you know well that is also willing to take responsibility for you.
15. If I cannot travel with my elderly parents for Hajj, what do I do?
Your elderly parents can travel alone as long as they are physically and mentally healthy. If they are unable to walk for a long while, we discourage them to go. Although we offer service in which we can get a local person to take care of their needs such as roll the wheelchair and help them throughout. This will cost extra. For more details please contact us.
16. How much cash should I carry with me during Hajj?
Since the necessities for hajj will already be provided, you will not need any cash. Although there are a couple of thing you might want to purchase such as: Laundry service, Kajjurs, souvenirs, Abaya’s, Prayer rugs, etc.. in which we advise to keep 300-500 USD. We recommend bring ONLY cash along as some vendors do not accept credit cards or travelers checks. There are currency exchange near by haram. All of the shopping mall or small shop owner accept US dollars, but please note that you may receive change in the local currency. Additionally, you may want to carry small bills to tip luggage attendants at the airport and airport transfer drivers outside of the hotels etc..
17. When will we receive our free Hajj Kit?
You will inshAllah be receiving parts of your Hajj kit here in the US and other parts in Madinah & Makkah.
18. Will a group leader be traveling with us?
No, you will be traveling according to your customized travel plan. You will receive help and assistance from our staff as soon as you arrive Madinah/Jeddah Airports after immigration.
19. Can I pay the full amount with my credit card?
No, we only accept credit card payments to be done for ticket issuing. Other than that, we require direct deposit or regular bank check.
20. Are the Hajj packages that you offer only from CHI/NY?
NO! We offer airfare from cities throughout the US which can be added to all of the Hajj packages offered.
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What & How? (Procedures)
1. Can single woman perform hajj without a Mehram through CHU?
NO! CHU offer service to those women who travel with Mehram only.
2. How much are the packages?
The packages vary according to the program. Click the Home Page for Hajj Packages.
3. What is our cancellation policy?
Call CHU for details.
4. When is the right time to send my documents?
Call CHU for details.
5. What are the dates for hajj?
Every year Hajj dates are from 8th Zilhijja to 12th Zillhija.(FIVE DAYS)
6. What happens after I make a reservation and pay the deposit?
Once you have made a reservation and paid a deposit per person, if there is any additional information missing, you will be contacted by a sales representative to assist you in the remaining information needed to complete the reservation. After the reservation is complete, you will receive a confirmation, a visa application, and an invoice of your remaining balance to your preference on mail, fax, or email.
7. Can my relative join me from another country?
Yes, they can join you as long as they get their visa from their own country.
8. Is there any insurance for hajj?
No! There is no insurance for Hajj.
9. Are their any hidden fees in the packages?
No there are no hidden fees in the packages, except all the packages do not include Hajj (Maulim) fee Sacrifice.
10. When is the deadline for the payment?
The deadline is according to your Invoice.
11. How much is the deposit per person?
$2000/pp deposit or $2500 if you have any side-trip.
12. What is the difference between each program?
The difference between each program is amount of days
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