2021 Hajj - E - Badal

This is a Proxy Hajj for your love ones. This is Not a package.

$2,499Per Person

Package Overview

Hajj e Badal is referred to the Hajj performed on behalf of someone else who is physically/mentally unfit or is no more in this world. The person who is going to perform the Hajj on someone else's behalf is known as Mahmoor. So we Hire a Local person he/she perform the hajj.

Package Includes

  • Economic Plan
  • Hajj-E-Badal Service
  • Hajj On Your Behalf

Additional Information

  • We hire a local person from Makkah to perform Hajj on your behalf.
  • This Hajj is applicable when Hajj becomes Fard on a Muslim but he/she is not physically/mentally fit to perform it.

  • Fill out the Reservation Form.
  • After your received Inquiry we will email you Quote, and details regarding, how you can Reserve your spot.