2021 Silver Hajj

5-star Hotel Accommodation entire Hajj Trip. No Apartment Building.

$10,750(Price includes all taxes)

Package Overview

"Additional savings for young travelers and early payments for group of eight passengers only".


Walking distance : 1 to 3 minutes walk to Masjid E Nabavi

  • 3 nights in Madinah 5 star Crowne Plaza or similar
  • Including Breakfast & Dinner Buffet
  • Visit Historical places in Madinah


Walking distance : 1 to 3 minutes walk to Haram

Package Includes

  • Airfare
  • 5 Star Hotel
  • Breakfast and Dinner
  • AC Private Bus
  • Visit Historical places
  • Include all Saudi taxes and fees
  • Hajj Kit
  • 24 Hour Staff Assistance
  • Multilingual Assistance
  • Medical Assistant

Additional Information


  • Round-Trip Airfare (Chicago/NY → Madinah → Chicago/NY) in Economy Class. Other departure options are available throughout the USA but prices may vary.


  • 3 nights in Madinah 5-star hotel (Crowne Plaza) or Similar, including Breakfast & Dinner Buffet.
  • 10 nights in Makkah at 5 Star Hotel (Movenpick Makkah Hotel) or Similar, including breakfast & dinner.
  • North American Tents of Mina - Arfat and Muzdalifah including complimentary breakfast, lunch & dinner. Please click here for a detailed comparison of American and VIP tents.

Taxes and Fees:

Hotel Location:

  • Madinah (5 STAR) : 1 to 3 minutes walk to Masjid E Nabawi
  • Makkah (5 STAR) :   1 to 3 minutes walk to Haram.

Hotel Amenities:

  • All our hotel rooms are selected for the comfort of our US based passengers.
  • Hotel Facilities: Air-Conditioning, Bed, Room locker,American Style Bathrooms,Showers,Room Service, Non Smoking Room(s) .


  • Ground transportation will be provided in our private Air Conditioned Buses. Madinah → Makkah → Mina → Arafat → Muzdalifah → Mina → Makkah and back to Jeddah Airport.
  • Depart from Jeddah Airport after your trip, As per your scheduled flight.
  • Tawaf Ziyarah Transportation to haram and back to Mina Tents.
  • Visit Historical places in Madinah.

No Surprises When You’re Ready to Pay :

  • Upfront pricing for packages means that the price quoted reflects all included taxes and fees. Your total price is clearly displayed throughout the booking process, so you can easily see any revisions.

Help and Services

  • Full guidance by our team of Ulema and fully experienced members in the field of Hajj for past 18 years.
  • 24 hour staff assistance during your stay.
  • Saudi Staff speak a variety of languages: (English, Arabic, Urdu, Burmese, Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi and Gujarati) .
  • For disabled/special person bed/chair will be provided inMina/Arafat/Muzdalifah upon prior request.
  • hassle-free luggage management & Transportation throughout your entire trip
  • Especially for sisters, assigned female group leaders for guidance throughout booking process and hajj trip. (Especially in regards women hajj questions) .
  • Medical Assistant provided on request

Our Amenities Provided:

  • 24 hours refreshments. (Tea/Coffee- Fruits- Juice- Sandwich etc.)
  • 24 hours staff help.
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner packages.
  • Foam Sofa/bed accommodation.
  • Air-conditioned dry-wall private comfortable tents.
  • Air-conditioned tents.
  • Carry-light sleeping bags.
  • Breakfast and lunch provided in Arafat.
  • Exclusively Organized "Chicago Hajj Group" resting area.
  • Hassle-free sleeping bags provided for Muzdalifah upon arrival.
  • Dinner and Breakfast provided in Muzdalifah.
  • All-night refreshments. (Tea/Coffee- Fruits- Juice- Sandwich etc.)

VIP Tents:

  • Mina Tents near Jamarat is available please call / email for price.

Flight Options:

  • Flight Non Stop (from NY-IAD-LAX only)
  • Flight One Stop
  • Side trips (if you visit >Dubai / Istanbul / Jordanor back home) before and after Hajj.
  • Business Class / First Class
  • Please call / email for details.


  • Wheelchair ($175) for seniors/disable will be provided for an additional charge upon prior request. (wheelchair pushing labour not provided)


  • Price per person is based on Quad (4 Bed) occupancy which includes hotel taxes. Due to currency fluctuation, price is subject to change. Hotel room in photo might not represent room category in package. All prices are in U.S. dollars. Chicago Hajj Group disclaims liability for any inaccuracies or typographical errors.

  • This package is led by Hafiz Ikhlas Ansari and Mufti Haroon Firdausi
  • We have limited seats. First come, First serve base.
  • Your room in Mövenpick Hotel (or similar) will be available during your stay in Mina --> Arafat --> Muzdalifah.
  • Before you book the package, please take a moment to read the frequently asked questions (FAQs) located at the bottom of this website.
  • Must Book by April 1st, 2021 or Add $250 on all packages.
  • If Saudi Taxes change (subject to based of Saudi Government rules & regulations.) will inform you.
  • The dates mention in packages are TENTATIVE based on the Moon Sighting.

  • Fill out the Reservation Form.
  • After your received Inquiry we will email you Quote, and details regarding, how you can Reserve your spot.
  1. We are certified agents for Saudi Consulate (NY) and the Ministry of Hajj in Saudi Arabia.
  2. We are wholesalers for Turkish, Lufthansa, Etihad, Air India, and Gulf airlines.
  3. We can en-route you to your home country before/after the Hajj upon your request.
  4. Five Star Hotels booked for the Hajj are based on the comfort of US based clients.
  5. We have male and female tutors who will teach you the Hajj procedures.
  6. Our group leader will travel along with you to make sure everything is organized and that you understand how to perform Umrah/Hajj.
  7. Experienced staff (US and in Saudi Arabia)
  8. 24 Hour Assistance during Hajj journey.
  9. Hajj classes from Mufti Haroon every morning and evening during Hajj in English.
  10. Comfortable ground transportation.
  11. We are a few agents that are offering 10 nights in Makkah in 5 Star Hotel (your room will be available before, during and after Hajj) (other agencies have same offer for more than $15,000 per person)
  12. Last but not least, our prices are included Airfare, Hotel  Accommodation Charges, Hajj Fees, Qurbani etc. /li>

DAY 1 10-Jul 30th ZilQida Depart from your respected city in accordance to your itinerary 
DAY 2 11-Jul 1st  Zillhajj Arrive at lay-over airport according to your itinerary. Thereafter, you will depart and reach Madinah. After immigration and luggage clearance, you will be transported to your hotel.
DAY 3 12-Jul 2nd Zillhajj Visit Masjid Nabawi and perform ibaadah and essential rituals such as visiting the Prophet's (SAW) burial site and Jannat-Ul-Baqi (cemetery).
DAY 4 13-Jul 3rd Zillhajj Continue with your Ibaadah and time in Masjid -E-Nabawi. You can also do some shopping as well.
DAY 5 14-Jul 4th  Zillhajj After Fajr salaat/breakfast, our representatives will take you to visit religious historical sites. After Asar salaat, you will check out from your hotel and prepare to leave for Makkah 
DAY 6 15-Jul 5th  Zillhajj Day 1 in Makkah, after Fajr salaat/breakfast, everyone will be taken for Umrah
DAY 7 16-Jul 6th  Zillhajj Continue with your Ibadah, spend time in the Haram, attend Hajj presentation later in the evening
DAY 8 17-Jul 7th  Zillhajj Hajj learning sessions with Mufti Haroon Firdausi, you will leave for Mina later in the evening or early morning (8th Zillhajj)
DAY 9 18-Jul 8th Zillhajj You will spend day in the tents of Mina continuing with Hajj 
DAY 10 19-Jul 9th Zillhajj After Fajr, you will depart from Mina and arrive at Arafat. After sunset, you will leave Arafat and spend the night in Muzdalifa.
DAY 11 20-Jul 10th  Zillhajj After dawn, you will return to the tents of Mina. Between 10-11 AM, you will be taken to Jamaraat/stoning. Afterwards, we will perform Qurbani on your behalf and you will return to your hotel. We recommend to rest and freshen up upon arrival to your hotel. Thereafter, you will depart to perform Tawaaf-e-Ziarat. You will return to Mina after your Tawaaf.
DAY 12 21-Jul 11th  Zillhajj Continue stay in Mina/Jamaraat and perform Hajj rituals during the day
DAY 13 22-Jul 12th  Zillhajj After performing your rituals at Jamaraat, you will be taken back to your hotel after Zuhr. At this time,yYou will have completed your Hajj.
DAY 14 23-Jul 13th  Zillhajj  Continue with your Ibaadah at the Haram, you may perform an additional Umrah, and do any shopping if you wish
DAY 15 24-Jul 14th  Zillhajj You will check out from your hotel and prepare to leave according to your itinerary.
Note : THIS PROGRAM IS TENTATIVE ONLY BASED ON THE MOON SIGHTING, YOU MIGHT GET ONE LESS DAY IN MADINAH OR ONE MORE DAY.Chicago Hajj and Umrah Group disclaims liability for any inaccuracies or typographical errors.