Package Details


 Round-Trip Airfare (Chicago --> Madinah --> Chicago) or (New York --> Madinah --> New York) in Economy Class. Other departure options are available throughout the USA but prices may very.
 Depart from Jeddah Airport after your trip, As per your scheduled flight.


 1 day in Madinah 4 Star Hotel (Concorde Taibah) including complimentary Meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner).
 3 days in Dar Al Taqva Building in Makkah Includes complimentary Meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner).
 5 days in Air Conditioned Tents of Mina - Arafat and Muzdalifa including complimentary breakfast, lunch & dinner. Please click here for a detailed comparison of American and VIP tents.

Hotel Location & Services

 Madinah: 2 to 3 minute walk to Haram.
 Makkah: Dar al Taqva (NOT in Azizya): 10 minutes drive to Haram. (Walking not recommended as FREE transportation is provided).
 PC available, Email & Internet, Printer, Copying, Fax.
 Dar al Taqva can be available to you for FREE if you want extra days in Makkah after Hajj.


  Ground transportation will be provided in our private Air Conditioned Buses. Madinah --> Makkah --> Mina --> Arafat --> Muzdalifa --> Mina --> Makkah and back to Jeddah Airport. Visit to Historical sites in Madinah.

Help and Services

 Full guidance by CHU team of Ulema and fully experienced members in the field of Hajj for past 15 years.
 24 Hour Assistance during your stay.
 Languages (English, Arabic, Urdu, Burmese, Hindi, Bangali, Panjabi and Gujarati).

 Maulim Draft (Hajj Draft / Hajj Fee $495/pp)
 Qurbani /Zabiha (Dumm-E-Shukar $175/pp)

This package is led by Hafiz Ikhlas Ansari and Mufti Haroon Firdausi
You will travel Madinah first.
We have limited seats. First come, First serve base.
"Your room in Dar al Taqva will be available during your stay in Mina-Arafat-Muzdalifa".
Dar al Taqva can be available to you for FREE if you want extra days in Makkah after Hajj.
This package is designed for :
1. Those who have previously performed Hajj and would like to perform another one in a short duration of time.
2. Those who wish to perform Hajj on behalf of others such as their loved ones.
3. Those who have limited vacation time but would like to include Madinah in the trip.
Our group does not allow single women to go for Hajj without a Mahram no matter their age.
Before you book the package, please take a moment to read the frequently asked questions (FAQs) located at the bottom of this website.
Also you will need to send us a FedEx return label, Airway bill with valid credit card information, And your mailing address, So we can securely return your processed documents to you. (Only for outside of Chicago travelers).
Must Book by May 1st, 2019 or Add $250 on all packages.

 GSM Cell Phone Rental
 Laundry Service (Pay Per Use)
 HAJJ KIT ($175)
 Wheelchair for seniors will be provided for an additional $150 (per wheelchair).
  All our hotel rooms are selected for the comfort of our US based passengers.
 Our Facilities: Air-Conditioning, New Bed, Safe, Room Service, Showers, American Style Bathrooms.
 Direct Dial Telephones in the room.
 Non Smoking Room(s).
 Why Dar al Taqva?
 24 hour access to your room during your Hajj (Mina, Arafat, Muzdalifa).
 Temporary stay for 2 nights and 3 days.
 24 hour shuttle transportation to Haram.
 Price per person is based on Quard (4 Bed) occupancy which includes hotel taxes. Due to currency fluctuation, price is subject to change. Hotel room in photo might not represent room category in package. All prices are in U.S. dollars. Chicago Hajj Group disclaims liability for any inaccuracies or typographical errors.
 "Additional savings for young travelers and early payments for group of eight passengers".

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