Visas for hajj 2018


The new Hajj visa restrictions by the ministry of Umrah Saudi Arabia to travel Saudi Arabia.

How do I apply and get a Hajj Visa?

It is good to choose an Authorized Travel Agency from Chicago, who will organize a visa for you, And in addition to your travel and convenience, if any other services available should be provided for you to perform Hajj. The travel agency will send the required documents to the Saudi Consulate.

What do I need for a Hajj Visa 2018?

You must consent to all the accompanying necessities:

    1. The candidate must have, a travel permit for no less than 6 months and satisfactory for the entrance of Saudi and for alternate places. In addition the international ID, two void visa pages which ought to be adjoining one another.

    2. Each applicant must submit one passport size, color photo with white background. The photo must have a full face view because sideways photograph will not be acceptable. (For more security concerns some people submit two photographs for the verification of Visa application and for the group identification).

    3. The applicants must fill their forms with black pen or printed. The form should be signed and stamped by the Authorized Chicago Travel Agency.

    4. The Mahram should check on the complete data of his companion and youngsters or any relative with whom he is travelling.

    5. Women are obliged to go for Hajj with a Mahram. Any lady over the age of 45 may go without a Mahram with a composed gathering; she should submit a letter of no complaint from her Mahram commissioning her to go for Hajj with the named assembly. This letter ought to be authorized.

    6. The Applicant must be in ownership of a non-refundable round-trip ticket with affirmed reservations.

    7. The Applicant must submit their Medical Report of Inoculation for Meningitis and ACYW135. For newborn children and youngsters up to 15 years of age, an immunization report is needed for Polio and Meningitis. For those Children who are over 15 might as well actualize the same inoculation process for confirmation. The Medical Certificate of Vaccination may as well have been issued not more than three years and not less than 10 days to entering Saudia Arabia.

    8. Every traveler may submit two ensured checks or clerk checks payable to 'Unified Agents Office' in Jeddah for journey administrations (Guides, Zam Zam Water, Tent settlement in Mina and Arafat and Transportation charges). These checks might incorporate the name and the identification number of the traveler and date and spot of issue. Every seeker must pay the proper expenses. Traveler has the choice to submit one check joining together both charges. Youngsters between the ages of seven and fifteen might just pay 50% of the sum. Kids under the age of seven don't have to pay. Kindly check with the Saudi Consulate, regarding your nation for right charges.

    9. Seekers who are not nationals of the nation they are applying from might submit archived verification of lawful home status. Travel permit compelling voices in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia maintain all authority to return (At his or her own particular liability) any explorer who has furnished wrong or false data about their home.

    10. No candidate under the legitimate age of eighteen will be conceded a Hajj visa if not joined by his crew.

    11. If the applicant revert to Islam, an Islamic authentication must be exhibited which must be authorized by an Islamic Center.

Can my Children from Chicago be a part with me on hajj 2018?

    When applying for a Hajj Visa, Children could be a part with their guardians. Mainly you should include their names in your passport and also attach them with their birth certificates. The Children and women less than 45 ought to be accompanies by a Mahram (A male relative).

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