Required Documents For Umrah

  • Original Passports (Must be valid for at least six months and must contain at least two blank pages)
    (Not applicable to US Passport Holders)
  • Two(2) Color copies of your Green Card (if not a US citizen)
  • If applicable: H1B, H-3, H-4, L-1, F-1, J-1, M-1 and R-1 VISA Two(2) Color copies.
    (Must be valid for at least six months) B1/B2 visa holders are not eligible to apply for Umrah Visa.
  • One Passport size picture with a White Background, with applicants name written on the back of the picture.
  • Vaccination record for Meningitis is Required.
    If you have a medical condition that is preventing you from receiving this shot, please acquire an authorized note from your physician and submit it along with the rest of your paperwork or email it to us separately.(For children under 12, if you have their initial immunization records, that is also acceptable)
  • Confirmed Travel Itinerary. (If ticket were not booked from us)

  • Hotel Confirmation Letter. (Makkah & Madina if not booked from us)
  • Copy of Marriage Certificate for Couples. (English translation of the marriage certificate or a letter from Islamic Center stating that the couple is married and the community knows them.)
  • Copy of Birth Certificate for Children. (English translation of birth certificate.)

  • Notarized letter should be sent along with the other documents. if mother is traveling with the kid who is going to be the mehram. The permission letter should be from father / husband.
  • Return Shipping Fedex label. (Return shipping label for proper return of documents from Chicago Hajj & Umrah)
  • New Muslims - Those have not updated their names on their passport are required to submit a statement in writing from their local Islamic center validating his/her conversion.
To Send Documents Outside of Chicago
Please send us your documents via FedEx [Afternoon Delivery]
[Please DO NOT send your passport(s) through UPS,USPS, and etc.
We would greatly appreciate it.]
Please mail the documents/check to the following address:
Check Payable to "Chicago Hajj and Umrah"
Mailing address: 2818 W. Peterson Ave Chicago, IL, 60659.

To Send / Receive Documents within Chicago.
Once you send the required documents listed above, please contact our VISA Dept at (773) 465-8500 EXT [2]
IF you have NOT Purchased a Package for Umrah:
We need the following items below along with those in the "Documents Required List":
Contact information of where you will be staying in Makkah and Madinah (If you are staying with family/friends Please give us copy of the Ikamah and contact information)
-Confirmed Travel Itinerary: If ticket were not booked from us.
-Hotel confirmation letter: (Makkah/Madinah)
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