Visas for Umrah 2018?


The new Umrah Visa restrictions by the ministry of Umrah Saudi Arabia to travel to the United Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

What do I require for an Umrah visa 2018?

For Umrah Visa you should have the following documents:

    1. Umrah Visa Application Form with the statement at the end of the application form must be read and signed carefully. For the requirement of the visa application form by post, kindly send an envelope to your nearest Saudi Consulate.

    2. If any individual has a non-Muslim name, then he or she has to submit a certificate from Mosque or any Islamic Organization mentions that the person is Muslim and eligible to perform Umrah.

    3. One passport size color photo should be attached with white background. The Photo should be a full face view of the Visa Application Form, not the sideways photo otherwise will not be acceptable.

    4. The passport should be validated for at least 6 months from the date of submission.

    5. Ladies and Children should be with their Husband/Father or a male relative (Mahram). Additionally the confirmation of connection is needed to check. (Marriage Certificate for a wife, Birth Certificate for children with the implication of names of their guardians. The Mahram must travel with their family in the same flight.

    6. For 45 years Older Women or more, they are permitted to go without their Mahram assuming that they are going with gatherings or families and need to submit the legally approved of No Objection Certificate from their Mahram.

    7. Assuming that the seeker is not a national of the nation he/she is applying for, a legitimate residency license must be submitted with the requisition.

Umrah Visa 2018 is substantial for just 30 days. Implies you can't stay there for 30 days. Encompassed by those 30 days you can perform Umrah, verify that your flight from Saudi Arabia is inside for two weeks of the date of passage.

For Umrah and Ramadan Visas can't surpass the most recent day of Ramadan. You may as well leave Saudi Arabia by the close of Ramadan and cannot celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr there.

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